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The anti-limescale system
by Techboard Group

What is it?

PURE TB is the new anti-scale technology of the TB Elements division of Techboard Group, a leading company in the electronics sector for over 40 years, specialising in the design and production of electronic boards. PURE TB is a high-tech device that makes it possible, without the use of chemicals, to eliminate the problem of limescale deposits. Born from the updating of a patent of a well-known Modenese company specialised in water treatment, PURE TB is a system consisting of an electronic device that acts on the water pipes, preventing the formation of limescale deposits and dissolving previously accumulated deposits.

How does it work?

The system sends a low-voltage current to two wrapped bands to the pipe in which the water to be treated flows. This generates a special electromagnetic field that influences the crystallization characteristics of the calcium or magnesium carbonates in the water. This promotes the formation of crystalline structures with a soft, floury texture as opposed to the solid limestone aggregations that would form naturally, accelerating the detachment of pre-existing encrustations.

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How much limescale is in your water? Find out now!

Selected province : -

Hardness : -

Value Water type Pure-TB solution
Less than 8°F
Very soft water
From 8 to 15°F
Soft water
From 15 to 30°F
Medium hard water
More than 30°F
Very hard water
The hardness of water indicates the content of dissolved salts, including those of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) which are the major constituents of limestone. 
Hardness is measured in French degrees: the legislation defines a range from 15 to 50°F, above 15°F water is defined as hard.
Hard water is the main cause of household scale. The latter cause a significant increase in energy consumption.

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