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Because of the work done over the past years, the DigiEye products and systems have been associated with different programs of support, updating and upgrading that will allow to keep them in line with the latest technologies.

the technical support is completely free and will be available at the phone number +39-059-289896 or by e-mail at, weekdays from 9 AM to 18 PM,

fIf you want to extend your guarantee, we have some different maintenance programs that could be of your interest.

We invite you to get in touch with our Customer Care for more information.

Please contact:
SYAC TB Customer Care
phone: +39-059-289899


The DigiEye VCA options are Video Analysis modules for Business and Security Intelligence that:

  • allow to respond in a targeted manner to specific needs for security and statistics
  • do not require any additional hardware besides DigiEye: the users only need to update the software and add the license that activates the VCA functionalities on one or more video inputs!
  • can be activated on both analog and IP DigiEye video inputs
DigiEYE VCA Business Intelligence

DigiEye VCA Business Intelligence

VCA features for Business Intelligence applications

  • People Counting: counting of the number of persons passing through one or more virtual sensors. These virtual sensors are defined on a camera image and are sensitive to transits in a given direction.
  • Heatmap: statistic maps on the occupation of areas that have been configured by the users. The statistics are available on the image of the scene: the “occupied areas” are highlighted with different maps in pseudo colors providing some immediate and clear indications on which are the "hottest" (i.e. the most popular) areas within the scene shown by the camera.

The DigiEye VCA Business Intelligence features have been primarily designed for surveillance in vertical applications such as retail and public places. Their benefits go well beyond mere video security: the DigiEye VCA People Counting and Heatmap functions allow, indeed, to count customers or visitors in retail places, museums, exhibitions or events and to gather data on flows of people in order to measure performances of marketing campaigns, to be aware of the most transited areas of a shop or public place, to optimize the space layout and staff turnovers, ... these VCA Business Intelligence features help in providing not only security for people and goods, but also Business Intelligent elements useful to management and marketing for decision-making and optimizations.

DigiEYE VCA Security Intelligence

DigiEye VCA Security Intelligence

VCA features for Security Intelligence applications

The DigiEye VCA Security Intelligence features allow to set virtual sensors able to detect suspicious situations, which will generate an alarm and alert the operator:

  • Line Crossing: straight virtual sensor(s)
  • Sterile Zone: polygonal virtual sensor
  • Loitering: stationing in an area of interest for a certain amount of time
  • Abandoned/Removed Object: from a scene of interest

To know more about the new DIGIEYE VCA features, download the presentation!

To know more about availability and pricing conditions, contact our new Customer Care:
Virginia Manenti
phone: 39059289899

SYAC▪TB ONVIF MEMBER SYACTB, TECHBOARD Security Division, has been approved for membership in the ONVIF forum. With nearly 5,000 IP-based physical security products registered as ONVIF compliant and more than 500 member companies, ONVIF is the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products.

By becoming member of the ONVIF forum, SYACTB commits itself to ensure interoperability and to facilitate the integration of its IP-based physical security products.


The first version of the new software generation, DigiEye SW 6.0, offers a new Full-HD User Interface, unbeatable IP Dual Streaming, Differentiated Recording for Continuous vs. Alarmed, Full-HD Digital Signage and a New Player of Sequences for PC.


DigiEye 6.0 MORE MODERN and INTUITIVE, the new Full-HD User Interface is in line with the current needs of ergonomic design offering a better user experience.

VIDEO QUALITY thanks to the Full-HD (1080p) resolution support and the 16:9 aspect-ratio that allows optimal viewing on today’s professional monitors that operate at this resolution. Through the Dual monitor output in Full-HD resolution, DigiEye now allows to view two IP megapixel cameras in the optimal resolution, with the highest level of quality and detail.

CONTINUITY as the configuration interface has remained essentially unchanged and, therefore, there is no requirement of new or additional training for installers.


The DigiEye IP Dual Streaming allows the simultaneous management of two video streams with resolution/bitrate differentiated for each configured IP camera. This dual management of IP camera video connections allows to optimize the effective use of resources: the system can indeed use the Primary stream in high resolution to record while the video analysis, display and video transmission functionalities are operating on the Secondary lower resolution stream with a better quality and a greater level of detail compared to the previous versions. In addition, thanks to newly introduced optimizations, the display of the local video offers much higher performance levels as well.


The DigiEye now allows to differentiate the frequency of the IP video recorded in the continuous mode and the alarm mode.

For example, the user may decide to record only one image per second in the continuous mode but, in case of alarm (e.g. motion detection), he can record the event, including the pre-alarm, at 25 frames per second.

This new feature allows a considerable reduction of storage space used for video recordings.


The Digital Signage function, which allows you to view programmable sequences on the secondary video output, now also operates with Full-HD resolution, making it possible to play video with higher quality. The DigiEye Digital Signage has been enhanced since this function now allows to visualize programmable sequences on the secondary video output with Full-HD video resolution.


DigiEye PlayerThe new DigiEye player of recorded video sequences provides a very intuitive interface and new features such as:

  • video playback program in FLM format for Windows PC
  • tree-representation allowing to easily explore even thousands of video sequences coming from different DigiEye and sorting them by Site/Camera/Date, Site/Date/Camera or Site/Date
  • hardware-accelerated video decoding for video quality and outstanding performance
  • Ultra-Fast Play x20 mode
  • integrated function to adjust the image levels
  • zoom adjustable in real time, to enlarge a detail in real time while the video is being played
  • other functions such as export of snapshots, full-screen and OSD

Once again SYACTB’s R&D has used its unique heritage to strengthen the DigiEye through functionalities offering Innovation yet Continuity. The software generation DigiEye 6 foresees the imminent release of PEOPLE COUNTING AND HEATMAP the DigiEye VCA features for intelligent analysis of video streams in real time. In the tradition of intelligent and effective solutions, the new advanced VCA features will be integrated within the DigiEye and they won’t require any additional hardware device.

So, talk to you soon about DigiEye SW 6.1!

MODENA – Monday 22nd of June, 2015

TECHBOARD has  announced its intention to increase its investment in the Security and Energy sectors which increasingly are, together with the PCB, the company’s core business.

Considering the modest profits registered by EMC-TB in the first half of the year and the growing difficulties of the Radio Communication market, TECHBOARD is planning a gradual withdrawal from this market.

For more information, please contact:

Via Della Scienza, 50
41122 Modena
Tel. +39 059 289809

TECHBOARD is strengthening its commercial and technical organization in the Middle East and North Africa region with the opening of its offices in Dubai and Istanbul.

With the opening of its offices in Dubai and Istanbul, TECHBOARD strengthens its presence in the Middle East and North Africa region, and expands its services and know-how to new partners, clients and end-users.

The Dubai office will be managed by Ms. MIRZA DAGHER, who has joined TECHBOARD after nearly 20 years as a Business Development Consultant in the GCC & MEA region.

Mirza brings in TECHBOARD operating management, and marketing and sales experience gained in hi-tech, telecommunications and other industries.

The Istanbul office will be directed by Mr. ATALAY ÖZDEMIROĞLU, who has been operating in the region for 25 years as a Security Professional & Advisor in both the governmental and private sectors.  

Member of the Turkish National Police for more than 20 years, Atalay also served as a Security Advisor, Chief  Security Officer and General Manager for governmental institutions and companies in various fields such as banking, electronics, leisure and hotels. 

Both professionals have extensive experience in providing commercial and technical support to integrators, installers and end-users.

For further details on TECHBOARD GULF, please contact MIRZA DAGHER:

E-mail: or
Address: Techboard Gulf Dmcc, Office No. 2509, JBC 5, JLT, Dubai, UAE
GSM: +971 50 600 88 99


E-mail: or
Address: Techboard Elektronik ve Güvenlik Sistemleri İthalat İhracat Limited Şirketi, Büyükdere caddesi 157/12  34394, Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 356 55 66 - Fax: +90 212 356 55 67


SYACTB enhances its capacities for special projects.

First-class technical support and customer care have always played a key part in SYACTB’s success.

Whilst his colleagues provide customers with telephone and online support, Mr. ANGELO NUZZI who has been in SYAC since 2003 as Technical Support, Field Service and Demo Manager, now focuses on special projects and pre-sales support, assisting in fitting the project specifications and selecting the right products.

For more information, please contact Angelo at




DigiEye 5.02


DigiEye Dual-Stream

The HVR and NVR systems DigiEye are upgradeable with this feature that allows the simultaneous management of two video streams with resolution/bitrate differentiated for each configured IP camera. This dual management of IP camera video connections allows to optimize the effective use of resources, the performance of local/remote video display and motion detection: the system can use the Primary stream in high resolution to record while the video analysis, display and video transmission functionalities are operating on the Secondary lower resolution stream.


Moreover, new versions of ActiveX and Centralization allow the selection of stream 1 or 2 in communication.


  DigiEye 5.02 Local Playback 


The local playback has been enriched with an IP Fast Play function which plays only I-frames of H.264 video streams, which allows a faster video playback.

On the other hand, the use of the mouse-wheel control on playbars has the effect of shifting the temporal windows up/down by 1/4 of the current width, whilst moving the time cursor on the playbar updates the date-time to give instant feedback on current time cursor position.

Moreover, the panning controls are now available also in low-resolution GUI (1024x768).



   DigiEye 5.02 Turkish GUI


It is now possible to enable the anti-virus function to scan virus detection on removable storage connected to DigiEye, and to copy the same video stream parameters to all configured IP cameras of same type.

Furthermore, the 2nd password function - Supervised Access - is now available with the DigiEye BASE functions.

Last but not least, the GUI interface now supports also Turkish language. 





Explore and take advantage of all new DigiEye functionalities and possibilities.

Contact our Support team to try out the DigiEye 5.02 version!


Tel. +39 059 289895/896/897 


PLEASE TAKE NOTE OUR OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd of June  for the Italian National Day and Republic Day, which is celebrated on 2nd of June. 


For further information, please contact:

Tel. +39 059 289899
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