Centralization systems

The SYAC-TB centralization solutions via dedicated CMS are able to satisfy the most demanding requests for supervision and complete control of DigiEye systems including alarm call management and remote configuration. Thanks to proprietary technologies, all the individual functions are available not only on local (LAN) and geographical (WAN) networks but also in low bandwidth conditions.

From DCC Premium, particularly suitable for complex applications with a large number of remote sites, cameras and alarms, to DCC Lite suitable for medium level applications, most of the functions are also available through dedicated Apps and Web Browsers.


The DigiEye Control Center Premium (DCC Premium) is the complete control center for supervision and management via IP network of all DigiEye systems. The Server Client architecture allows you to design the control room in the best possible way. From a single operator to a complex structure organized on multiple customizable multi-monitor stations for each type of operator. The DCC Premium solution complies with the reference standards and all the operations performed are stored in specific and specific archives.


  • Live viewing of cameras connected to the DigiEye systems through customized masks which can be activated manually or with cyclic programming.
  • Multi-level graphical maps Reception of alarms from remote DigiEye systems and subsequent alarmed automatic recall of video, maps, operating procedure and acoustic warning.
  • Playback of recorded video/audio of remote systems and backup of the sequences of interest.
  • Remote control of PTZ cameras and bi-directional audio.
  • Sophisticated image processing of video recorded on Digieye systems for accurate post-event analysis.
  • Management of groups/users with customizable privileges and desktops.
  • Fully compliant with the latest Privacy regulations on personal data protection which will substitute the European directive n. 95/46/CE.


The DCC Premium architecture includes a centralized server (DCC Premium Server) and one or more clients connected via LAN technology (DCC Premium Workstation).

Supports up to 4 Full HD monitors per Workstation. Fully shared management for all Workstations (Database, Alarm Reception and Radius Authentication) The DCC Premium Server is responsible for authenticating users and storing alarms, as well as centralizing the configuration process.

It includes as follows:


which allows additional workstation configuration; centralisation server maintenance and it can be used as workstation


DCC Premium stores and organises all information related to the Centre in a database. It is a system service that starts automatically when Windows starts.

which is a proprietary software responsible for the alarm logging, polling, and of the workstations users authentication.
option that is an authentication server for the DigiEye Centralization. It manages users authentication, and it can be linked to Active Directory supported network on MS Windows.

The Additional Workstations include:

the user can monitor alarm notifications from the DCC Premium Server. These information are shared between all workstations.
which deals with the creation and visualization of surveillance views and guard tours. The user may establish a video streaming connection for each selected camera in each camera object. All views are stored in a view list and may be recalled with a simple mouse click. A duration time is associated to every view in the tour. This way, when the user runs the tour, the application will show video streaming from every view for a predefined period of time.
the map browser permits to represent remote sites onto multilevel graphical maps, where objects such as cameras, fire sensors connected to the DCC Premium can be organised. These objects can be linked to a sub-map. When clicked, the map browser shows the sub-map. On the map a link to a view of the view browser can be integrated. When clicked, the view browser creates the view associated with the link. The DCC Premium is able to show an unlimited number of map browsers.
it is a dialog window that permits to watch the alarms sent from an authorized site (or group of site) in a live streaming connection window. Its interface is similar to the View browser interface. In fact, the functionality and the mode of use is the same for both parts with the main difference: the View browser manages live streaming connection of non-alarmed sites, the Alarm viewer manages only the alarmed sites.

DigiEye Mobile centralization systems

The first big news of 2019 is the evolution of the DigiEye Mobile centralization (DCC MOBILE): another product that allows you to manage large fleets of transport vehicles, such as buses, ships, trucks ...

The intelligent management of the vehicles is oriented to the optimization of the efficiency of the vehicle itself, of its control, of the use settings of the vehicle and of each single electronic device the vehicle is equipped with: a real I.O.T. of a moving vehicle thanks to which it is possible to optimize the profit of the activity.

The intelligent management of the vehicles is oriented to the optimization of the efficiency of the vehicle itself, of its control, of the use settings of the vehicle and of each single electronic device the vehicle is equipped with: a real I.O.T. of a moving vehicle thanks to which it is possible to optimize the profit of the activity.

Information can be activated to optimize the lease and warranty processes, including for the management of replacement equipment and the inventory of spare parts.

With the administration of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the life of the vehicles increases with a protection of the value of the investment.

The geofencing function allows the optimization of the paths, the use of the vehicle that is used only when it is necessary and other functionalities can allow to better value virtuous behaviors of drivers making them participate of the acquired benefits.



Suitable for the control of a single site, the DigiEye Control Center Lite (DCC LITE) can be used in applications with a limited number of remote sites and alarmed calls.

The DCC Lite is a Windows-based software application that provides centralized control of remote DigiEye functionalities such as live image viewing, live bi-directional audio communication with remote sites, automatic visualization of live or recorded images in pop-up windows, without missing any alarm calls as they are always stored in the alarm log, remote playback of video/audio sequences, download to local HD of recorded video and audio sequences and full Dome / PTZ control with recall of the predefined positions (preset), as well as the RUE function "Remoted USB Export" (remote assisted record export).


The DigiEye apps are available for free download from the online stores. The connections can be done in live streaming, allowing the user to select the camera of interest, to check the status of the active alarms, to control the digital outputs and to force their activation. The DigiEye apps also allow to configure, for multiple DigiEye systems, the connection parameters such as the quality, the frame rate and the resolution, and to activate, for higher security, the site and users authentication.

iDIGIEYE: App for Apple iPhone Smartphone available for free download from the from online store.

iDIGIEYE HD: App for Apple iPad Tablet available for free download from the from online store.

DIGIEYE APP: for Smartphone and Tablet Android available for free download from the from online store.

DIGIEYE APP MULTIPLATFORM FOR WIN/MAC: compatible with Apple iOS and Android mobile devices

Click here for free download.


The DigiEye Player of recorded video sequences offers a very intuitive interface, even for the inexperienced user, and new features such as the video playback program in FLM format for Windows PC, the intelligent tree representation that allows you to easily explore even thousands of video sequences from different DigiEye systems with sorting mode for Site / Camera / Data, for Site / Date / Camera or for Site / Data, video-accelerated decoding in hardware, for exceptional video quality and performance, Ultra Fast mode Play x20, the integrated image level adjustment function, the zoom function adjustable in real time, to enlarge a detail in real time with the video being played, and the export snapshot, full-screen and OSD functions.


Allows access to live and recorded video and audio via Web Browser (IE) including the possibility of downloading recorded sequences, monitoring of digital inputs / outputs and faults and Dome / PTZ camera control with recall of preset positions (presets).

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