Complementary systems

SYAC-TB offers complementary systems for professional safety, and supervision solutions able to satisfy the most demanding needs while remaining easy to use and integrate. Reliable and stable, the complementary and supervisory solutions SYAC-TB integrate existing architectures and interface with other fields of security such as access control and alarms.

The SYAC-TB FBF fogblowers start working like a siren but, instead of emitting a sound, they produce an impenetrable fog preventing the intruder from seeing and orienting himself inside the protected premises. The speed in the emission of the fog and the density of the same are fundamental factors, as a total protection is required in a few seconds.





SYAC ▪ TB ANPR is a number plate recognition access control system


SYAC  TB ANPR is a number plate recognition access control system, equipped with a powerful OCR able to recognize plates written in Latin characters. This fully reliable system is able to recognize the number plates of all European countries regardless of the syntax used.

SYAC  TB ANPR is a complete over-IP solution; cameras and field I/O are managed by network.

The system is available in various versions with 1 or more gates

To foresee appropriate ANPR cameras:

· SY-ANPR-CAM-HD: IP camera with MEGAPIXEL resolution for 1 ANPR gate width 5 meters, Bullet with illum. IR flash (max 12-15 meters), manual varifocal lens 9-22mm, IP67, 24VAC / PoE


The SYAC  TB Fast Breaking Fogging (FBF) systems work as a siren but, instead of emitting a sound, they release a dense fog that does not allow to see anything for a long time in the protected area. Powerful and fast fogging system in the embossing of the fog, it fils 800 m3 in 69 seconds.

The fog produced is absolutely the most dense of all those produced by the various fog systems on the market, this thanks to the composition of the fog liquid (80% glycol) and to the exclusive firing technology based on the use of our patent.

The systems are equipped with a special Serial Bus with Standard Protocol, thanks to which an additional card can be connected to the electronic card of the device to allow direct connection with all the alarms and total control even remotely.


When the video surveillance system fails, it is essential to understand whether a robbery or a simple voltage drop is in progress, to understand the security status of the bank branch. With the DigiEye anti-theft system, the device works as an internet line and the DigiEye can still be accessed from the DCC Premium centralization and send images, alarms and notifications.

The control panel employees can thus be updated on the security status of the branch in a timely manner.

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