SINCE 1996

For 20 years,
video security has grown with us.

Pioneer in Video Security

SYAC was founded in Trieste in 1988 as a system integration company focused on designing, developing and integrating complex turnkey systems. Established in the Trieste Area Science Park and innovator since its creation, SYAC redirected its activities in 1996 from projects to products and delivered one of the first fully integrated digital video management systems for CCTV, DigiEye, before digital CCTV was even considered by most people in the Security Industry.

Security Division of TECHBOARD

In November 2012, SYAC became SYAC▪TB the Security Division of TECHBOARD SRL, a manufacturer of professional printed circuit boards with factories in Modena and Shenzhen (China). This marked a new beginning with a new management committed to exploit synergies to offer high-quality, yet cost-competitive and on-time delivered, products and integrated solutions.

Proprietary Technologies

Since its very start, SYAC▪TB has striven to offer innovation and continuity by providing proprietary technologies, and by designing, developing and manufacturing in Italy the DigiEye systems. The full control of the hardware and software allows SYAC▪TB to offer intergeneration compatibility and maximum upgrading with full preservation of previous investments.

Intelligent Products, Services and Solutions

SYAC▪TB makes products and provides first-class customer service; however, it sells solutions offering both innovation and continuity. SYAC▪TB’s solutions are able to satisfy the most demanding needs, yet they are user-friendly and easy-to-integrate. Reliable and stable, they are able to integrate existing architectures and to interface with security fields beyond video such as access control, fire and alarm.


Recording Systems

Centralization Systems

Integration Systems


complementary security systems

Vertical solutions
& case studies


Customer care and technical support are the key our success.

Telephone, Online and On-Field Customer Service

Manufacturer and pioneer in digital CCTV since 1996, SYAC has always focused on offering excellent Customer Service. Customer Care and Technical Support still play a key part in SYAC▪TB’s philosophy with dedicated human resources committed to provide customers with telephone, online and on-field support.

Pre and Post-Sales Support

Pre-sales support ensures the customers on the right product selection or gives support to the system engineering. Post-sales support provides customers with product support or assists them with technical difficulties. Pre-sales and post-sales support aim at providing a leading-edge professional Customer Service.

Demo and Training Support

SYAC▪TB understands the importance of quality training and provides comprehensive live training for new and existing clients and partners, so that they get the critical technical knowledge they need to make the most of their DigiEye products.


Because of the work done over the past years, the DigiEye products and systems have been associated with different programs of support, updating and upgrading that will allow to keep them in line with the latest technologies.

The technical support is completely free. We invite you to get in touch with our Customer Care for more information. Please contact:

SYAC TB Customer Care

  • Phone: +39-059-289899
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Skype: Syac-TB Support

On weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

If you want to extend your guarantee, we have some different maintenance programs that could be of your interest.



We are aware that no innovation is productive unless it is reliable, easy-to-use and provides seamless compatibility with current assets.

Our constant efforts to anticipate customers needs allow to improve quality and reduce costs, offering the best products and applying the best technologies.

Italy Sales Manager

Our proprietary know-how is strategic to be successful.

The full control of the hardware and software allows SYAC▪TB to offer intergeneration compatibility and maximum upgrading with full preservation of previous investments.

Customer Care

Customer Care and Technical Support are key to our success.

We provide phone, on-line and on-field support.
We help in engineering and developing customized and integrated solutions. We also provide comprehensive training for new and existing clients and partners.

International Sales Manager

Our success begins with the talents, experiences and perspectives of our team.

We understand both the commercial and technical needs of our clients and can speak to them in their own language. That’s the power of SYAC▪TB.

Fabio Malagoli, CEO

We rely on worldwide branch offices and a network of experienced partners who provide pre and post-sales support.

Our customers and partners are high profile companies. They chose us because we are committed to develop customized easy-to-use, high-performance solutions able to satisfy their complex security needs.

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