The system that allows the optimization of production processes, eliminating plant stops.

Patented Video Control System

The new Prod-Eye, the system video control system is able, through the identification of the critical points and inefficiencies of a process, to substantially reduce operating costs, managing to increase the quality and efficiency of the product / service to its customers.

This Video System Control System uses the technologY of the Techboard Group, allows to increase the productivity, the efficiency, to reduce the production waste on single machines, production lines or production departments of many Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors.

Activity Video Recording

The Video System Control System allows you to record video of the activities of the Automated and Semi-Automated Production Plants, to identify and select only the time interval immediately before and immediately after, defined by the specific needs of the Customer / User to identify the Real Causes of Micro and Macro Stop of Operating Plants.

Immediate Benefits

The immediate advantages of the Video Control System are many.

The number of recording cameras that can be installed on a single machine or on the entire production line, sending all the information to an operations center.
The system allows you to have complete control of the functionality of the individual system, of the line or lines or of the department.

It is possible to control plants that work in protected environmental conditions (pharmaceutical, food sector, etc.) limiting the physical presence of operators within the production departments.
The use of this information by the customer at all hierarchical levels (Production Operators, Department Heads, Directors / Production or Plant Managers, etc.) allows for objective information on the real causes of production and plant downtime.

The recordings are objective, practical and repeatable information and therefore allow deferred time to identify the cause of the problem, as if "I was present".
The recordings are information that can be sent to the system supplier so that it can collaborate in resolving technical production problems, giving its useful contribution without the direct intervention of specialized personnel.

The advantage of using the Video Control System is both for the user of the Plant / Operating Production Machine, and for the Manufacturer-Supplier of the same plant because it offers a remote monitoring service aimed at Continuous Improvement of Productivity and Efficiency and Quality of the product.
In addition, the Video System Control System allows it to be used in its modalities also as a support for the Training of Factory Operating Personnel in the manner envisaged and implemented.

Prod@Eye App

Thanks to the dedicated App it is possible to remotely monitor the activity of the plant.


ZAMBON Pharmaceutical Company

The customer is an important pharmaceutical company that wanted to improve the efficiency of the production of its plant in Switzerland.


Reduce the stops of the packaging machine and increase the efficiency of the entire line.


The installation of a Prod @ Eye with 8 cameras allowed:

  • Observe jams that cannot be identified by position and frequency
  • Reconstruction of the origin of the problem (the observed event was not the cause of the problem)
  • Continuous monitoring after improvement intervention
  • Observe live inside the machine
  • Adapt the way of observing in relation to the type of problem

The events triggered by the jerking of pushers had been generated by upstream causes:

  • Badly placed blisters in the warehouse
  • Blisters released poorly from the lower hopper
  • "escaped" blisters during the push and "wandering" (coastlines)

Without the support of Prod @ Eye the resources would have been addressed incorrectly and the problem would have remained unsolved

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