assembled printed circuit boards

Product design / engineering

Prototyping with SMD PTH components

Production of batches under contract and full account

Test, programming and testing with dedicated equipment

Technical Office

Able to carry out activities of design and execution of printed circuit masters, as well as mechanical and electronic engineering. It can draw up documentation and electrical manuals through tools and software that can be interfaced with the outside and with the automatic assembly machines.

Purchasing Office

Our suppliers include leading international manufacturers and distributors that operate in the field of electronic components and we are able to carry out assessments on costs, quality and current and future availability for the purchase of all the necessary material, even in obsolescence.

SMD / PTH boards assembly

PTH/SMD boards assembly of high end quality thanks to the excellent plant machinery capable of assembling with very high speed and precision both traditional components and components of the latest generations such as POP, UBGA, DFN and LGA.

The same machines carry out an accurate control of the components and their positioning using both laser technology and graphical analysis of the images of the components that are sent to the processors from the miniaturized cameras. The components that do not comply are automatically discarded during the assembly process.

The mounting ends with the welding by means of Vapour Phase technology, which ensures perfect joints in respect of the components and of the thermal curves provided by the manufacturers. This process is useful to avoid excessive thermal stress and is essential for aluminum circuits used in new lighting technologies and many special applications.

For the welding of the PTH components we are able to offer processes both with sn/lead alloy and lead-free, both no-clean.


Logistics which makes use of MODULA vertical storage modules able to properly handle and store the components in a conditioned environment in compliance with IPC regulations and the ESD protection requirements.. The system is connected to the company’s software platform that updates in real time withdrawals, availability and purchasing information allowing the control and traceability of the handled materials.

Control and Testing

Control of all boards through an accurate automated optical inspection (AOI) able to identify possible welding problems, component values, shorts, polarity and many other parameters that can be set on the machines according to the technical and functional characteristics of the boards. Should the optical control not be effective, then an X-RAY inspection in degrees will take place in order to inspect the junctions that are not externally visible such as in case of BGA components.

In addition we are equipped to perform ionic contamination tests, impedances calculation and verification, metallographic specimens with the measurement of all the PCB specific thicknesses.

Testing on request can be performed such as programming of cards and complete or partial functional testing. During the testing, the measured data are stored by the computer system and reported on special documentation that verify their compliance.

Each card is individually packaged with antistatic material as agreed with the Customer.


The staff in charge is certified according to IPC-A-610 standards.

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