The Industrial Electronics Division (D.E.I.) of Techboard Group offers a customized solution to the different needs of customers.

Starting with the design and production of control and power electronic boards (PCBs and PCBAs), thanks to a study aimed at integrating the different constituent elements, we come to define the entire Integrated Electronic System, with plastic, metallic parts, elements in silicon rubber, various components, luminous profiles based on LED Technology with the subsequent integration of any traditional or touch control keyboard and an HMI Touch interface.

Designers work on the aesthetics of the product to suggest aesthetic solutions whether they are made of plastic, metal, with silicone components, luminous profiles and anything else necessary to make your product perfect, ready for your customer.

TOUCH Technology

Our R&D department has developed a particular technology to be able to propose traditional or special touch panels, which work with wet hands and / or gloves. (LINK)

This special technology can be used for the development of various products in different sectors (industrial PCs, white market keyboards, dental unit screens, etc.).

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