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The Industrial Electronics Division proposes itself as an expert partner, capable of offering efficient solutions to different needs that cover Electronics Design and Circuit Board Production (PCB / PCBA).

Whenever required, DEI team also provides the study of the various components that will make up the final Integrated Electronic System, such as, for example: plastic or metallic parts, siliconic rubber elements, light parts with SSL technology including possible traditional or touch keyboard control and an HMI Touch Interface, with particular regard to the aesthetic, ergonomic and functional aspects, with the aim to obtain a reliable, “turn-key”, finished product, tested and validated under every respect.


The Electornic Design is entrusted to a team of engineers with long experience that listening what customer wants to achieve, they design and propose solutions easy to manufacture and simple to use, with great attention to cost optimization.

Each design phase is shared with the customer who is kept constantly updated throughout the whole development.

The MASTER is realized using the most modern routing systems, also providing the 3D of the card for the correct evaluation of the overall dimensions.



Since 2012, in Modena plant has been active, an assembly department with SMD technology automatic lines, machines for optical inspection and everything that is necessary for assembly of even high-tech PCBs.

An SMD line is dedicated just for prototypes production to guarantee quick delivery in a few days.

SMD Technology

SMD boards assembly of high end quality thanks to the excellent plant machinery capable of assembling with very high speed and precision both traditional components and components of the latest generations such as POP, UBGA, DFN and LGA.

The mounting ends with the welding by means of Vapour Phase.


PTH Technology

For the welding of the PTH components we are able to offer processes both with sn/lead alloy and lead-free, both no-clean.
All boards are subjected to “AOI” (Automatic Optical Inspection) and, upon request, to X-RAY inspection.

At the end of the inspections, tests and trial runs are carried out and, when required, the programming of the cards with equipment built "ad hoc" in collaboration with the customer. Finally, their labeling guarantees the traceability of each component over time.

Production is completed with a washing phase carried out with a fully automated system. Each card is individually packaged with antistatic material as agreed with the customer.
Production personnel is IPC certified.


The Vapour Phase technology, ensures perfect joints in respect of the components and of the thermal curves provided by the manufacturers.

This process is useful to avoid excessive thermal stress and is essential for aluminum circuits used in new lighting technologies and many special applications.



For more than 40 years Techboard Group provides quality printed circuits, products which until 2018 were produced in the Modena plant.

With the aim of acquiring competitiveness, guaranteeing rapid times and scrupulous quality, constantly attentive to research and innovation, peculiarities that since the beginning have allowed Techboard to grow and establish itself in Italy and in the world, in 2018 the production of PCB was moved to Shenzhen, the world heart of printed circuit board manufacturing. Equity investments, Partnerships that required important investments, but which were necessary to ensure continuity and concrete support for their customers.


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