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  • SYAC▪TB solution for retail

    A Clothing Chain, which already had 24 stores in Italy and France, had forecasted to open 27 new locations within December 2015. The 24 existing stores had been protected since 2009 by analog cameras.

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  • DigiEye ATM integration

    The Client is a Bank which, with more than 31 million customers and a network of more than 11.000 subsidiaries in 76 countries, represents an important reference point in all financial markets.

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  • DigiEye 3G and centralization solution for Gazprom

    GAZPROM and IN BREVI decided to install the SYACTB DCC Premium, which is a complete Control Centre for supervision and total remote management over IP Networks of any DigiEye security system.

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    DigiEye solution for sport facilities

    The problem of security in stadiums has become an ever-growing concern, progressively driving away some of the public. 

    Integration remains one of the biggest problems for physical security at stadiums. If security devices are not integrated into a cohesive solution, security gaps could be exploited.

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  • Integrated Security Solution for the Port of Casablanca

    The Port of Casablanca is the most significant of all the ports in Morocco. Not only is it a noteworthy port for the local shipping industry, but is known to be the biggest artificial port on the planet. Security is a must.

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    Integrated Security Solution for an International Resort

    The VTI needed a system to automatically control the vehicle accesses to the resort that:

    – Allowed the access to guests only

    – Was integrated with the resort management software so to have one single interface for managing all the guest data, including the vehicle license plates.

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