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VigilEye is an exclusive Syac-TB project custom-made for Supervision and more generally for all alarm control and management companies, including some additional software features available on all DigiEye products (3A, 3G, Compact and even Mobile), especially useful in supervisory applications and alarm management.

These features allow companies in charge to be fully compliant with privacy regulations, following the guidelines for the correct use of control tools.

The new Syac-TB solution allows to have in one package a series of exclusive news: 

1)      Privacy levels for camera / time band in live and remote play mode.

Thanks to the Privacy Levels feature, maximum surveillance effectiveness is achieved while ensuring the highest level of privacy. With this new feature it will be possible to profile the user's access account to view images, time slot and camera type.

In this way, the operator responsible for monitoring a private site can access the live view of the images only during night hours, or only on certain cameras, while during the daytime the images are obscured but always recorded to be made available in case of alarm.

The same possibility of access profiling will also be possible in remote play. The supervisor that during the night receives an alarm signal, to verify the happened and the veracity of the alarm, will be able to access the recorded sequences only for the time slots / cameras of his competence. It will not be possible to play back the recorded images of protected time slots or unauthorized cameras. 

2)      Bypass management for an alarmed call

In the event of extraordinary alarm events triggered by alarm inputs, privacy filter barriers for time and cameras are immediately bypassed and immediately live images and recorded images are recorded for the period limited to the alarm event.. 

3)      Notification service by e-mail to video / video inspection carried out

A highly useful function is available to the Supervisory Board: the possibility of offering the client the verification of the video surveillance / inspection service offered by the Supervisory Institute to replace the now obsolete physical round with the release of the typical coupon, proving the passage of the guard.

Basically an electronic ticketing, alias notification via email, proving the occurred control service, the operating status of the cameras, the absence of alarm situations. This will allow to further save the costs of exit / man, increase the cadence of inspections during the shift, be present simultaneously on multiple sites so as to expand the customer base "visitable". 

4)      Backup service on alarm for sequences / snapshots

The supervisory institute will be able to offer its client an additional security service, that is the registration on the server of the control center of the "alarmed" sequences. While the systems record locally and may be subject to theft or tampering due to the alarm event itself, the VIGILEYE software package also offers the possibility to create a backup copy recorded on the remote hard disk during the alarm period, so to preserve the sequences incriminated by any risk of subtraction or destruction.

5)      "Optimized" remote diagnostics service 

To offer a truly complete security technology package, Syac-TB further optimizes remote diagnostics of video recording systems by sending real-time and more complete alerts on the operating status and any faults.