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DigiEye VCA For Business And Security Intelligence

The DigiEye VCA options are Video Analysis modules for Business and Security Intelligence that allow to respond in a targeted manner to specific needs for security and statistics, do not require any additional hardware besides DigiEye and can be activated on both analog and IP DigiEye video inputs.


DigiEye VCA Features For Business Intelligence Applications

The DigiEye VCA Business Intelligence features have been primarily designed for surveillance in vertical applications such as retail and public places. Their benefits go well beyond mere video security: the DigiEye VCA People Counting and Heatmap functions allow, indeed, to count customers or visitors in retail places, museums, exhibitions or events and to gather data on flows of people in order to measure performances of marketing campaigns, to be aware of the most transited areas of a shop or public place, to optimize the space layout and staff turnovers, ... these VCA Business Intelligence features help in providing not only security for people and goods, but also Business Intelligent elements useful to management and marketing for decision-making and optimizations.


This funtion allows to configure statistic maps related to the occupation of areas within the scene of interest. The statistics are available on the image of the scene: the “occupied areas” are highlighted with different maps in pseudo colors providing some immediate and clear indications on which are the “hottest” (i.e. the most popular) areas within the scene shown by the camera.


This funtion allows to count the number of persons passing through one or more virtual sensors. These virtual sensors are defined on a camera image and are sensitive to transits in a given direction.


DigiEye VCA Features For Security Intelligence Applications

The DigiEye VCA Security Intelligence features allow to set virtual sensors able to detect suspicious situations such as Line Crossing, Sterile Zone, Loitering and Abandoned/Removed Object, which will generate an alarm and alert the operator.

Line Crossing:

This funtion allows to detect objects or people which cross a virtual gate, defined by a linear sensor on the image.

Sterile Zone:

This funtion allows to detect unwanted intrusions in one or more closed areas (sterile zones).


This funtion allows to detect a person who is moving within the scene beyond a configurable time limit. In certain environments such a behaviour may indicate a suspect activity.

Lost/Abandoned Object:

This funtion allows to detect both abandoned or removed objects from a scene.