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The software functions included in all the DigiEye DVR, HVR and NVR include:

N-PLEX SYSTEM: simultaneous Recording, Playback, Backup, Event Logging, Motion detection, Statistical analysis, Local display and Remote connections.

FLEXIBLE RECORDING: alarmed recording can be started by any logical combination of events such as motion, camera faults, alarm inputs. Resolution, quality and frame-rate can be set individually for each camera and for both non-alarmed and alarmed recording modes. Hard-disk status is monitored using SMART technology.

MOTION DETECTION: on all cameras, each with user definable area and parameters. Dome/PTZ cameras have dedicated motion areas for each preset position.

PLAYBACK: allowing fast access to recorded video/audio data. Visual representation of recorded events on timeline window. Multi camera (x4, x16) and full-screen playback. Real-time deinterlace function. Jog-shuttle control of playback speed. Option to playback only alarmed sequences, skipping video recorded in non-alarmed mode.

CONNECTIVITY: allowing to access live/recorded video and audio using Web Browse and/or dedicated app including the possibilities to download recorded sequences, monitor digital inputs/outputs and faults, to control Dome/PTZ cameras and recall preset positions. Up to 2 simultaneous connections. Remote software upgrade.

VIDEO LOSS DETECTION POST-ALARM: allowing to set the period of time for which recording continues even after the alarm event is no longer active.

USER ACCOUNTING: three predefined user profiles, with user-definable password and viewable camera set. Specific cameras can be set as “non-“. Please note that the lower/operator level cannot download any video sequence. Recording Statistics, reporting statistical information on disk usage.

BACKUP: recorded sequences on CD/DVD, USB disk devices or backup on Network storage devices (NAS, SAN, Windows/Unix-based servers..). Export and print single images in BMP/JPEG format.

TIME SYNC: to keep the system clock synchronized with an external reference source (SNTP or external trigger input).

EVENT LOG: that stores all alarm events and command actions executed on the system. The event log can be accessed locally and from remote Centres, event data can be filtered and exported to file.

GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE: easy, intuitive and multilingual, that allows access to all the functions by using mouse and keyboard.

MULTI-ZONE MOTION DETECTION: for each camera more than 6,000 distinct motion zones with 6 different parameters of sensitivity. In case of DOME/PTZ cameras, this feature can be applied for each preset position.

DIRECTIONAL MOTION DETECTION: detecting the movement of objects in certain directions. Can be used for perimeter protection, gate control, survey of one-way traffic areas, moving dome-cameras to follow objects and many more.

PERMANENCE DETECTOR: detection of static objects in camera image, used primarily for anti-terrorism identification of abandoned objects, detection of still cars in traffic control. Size of the objects and time and area of permanence can be configured.

SMART SEARCH: available only for analog cameras: greatly improving the review of recorded material, allowing instant lookup of activity occurred in selectable areas of the image. It can be seen as a sort of post-recording motion detector. The sensible area can be completely independent from motion settings used for recording. Once an area of interest is selected, the search for matching sequences is instantaneous.

PRE-ALARM: the system can be programmed to record video that immediately precedes an alarmed recording phase.

EXTRA FAULTS: monitoring of image lighting level that permits detection of conditions such as obscured/covered cameras or excessive exposure.

IMAGE PROCESSING: allowing advanced digital image processing (noise filtering, contrast enhancement, de-interlacing, zoom, contrast/brightness manipulation...) of recorded images.

FULL USER ACCOUNTING: multiple user-profiles can be defined, each with specific sets of privileges and restrictions. Each user can be configured to view only a set of cameras and to perform only some operations. Built-in RADIUS client allows centralized authentication of users on a Radius server.

DETAILED STATISTICS: for analysis of system performance in terms of throughput per camera and disk usage. By verifying this data it will be possible to fine-tune the system in order to obtain maximum performance.

PRIORITY RING: special priority storage can be defined so that a specified portion of the hard disk is reserved for a given set of cameras.

AUTOMATIC BACK-UP: allows to schedule backup of video recordings at regular intervals or to activate it on external input trigger. Bounds on time-range or maximum size of backup can be set.

COMMUNICATIONS: allows to manage, from dedicated CMS (CMS DCC Lite, CMS DCC Premium or solution developed with the DigiEye Software Development Kit (SDK)), alarmed calls as well as complete remote configuration. Up to 16 simultaneous connections available for each DigiEye.