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Designed, Developed And Made In Italy Since 1996

The DigiEye DVRs, HYBRID DVRs and NVRs benefit from years of know-how inherited from prior DigiEye generations and from continuous improvements based upon customers’ feedbacks.

Compliance With The Privacy Regulations

Compliance with the norms and specific measures in the field of video surveillance.

Analog And/Or Ip Megapixel

available for maximum flexibility and system scalability.

Pentaplex Operation

Simultaneous recording/playback/transmission/backup/PTZ control.

Local Monitoring

of video and alarms on up to 2 monitors (VGA/Display port).

Continuous Vs. Alarmed Video Recording

The DigiEye allows to differentiate the frequency of the IP video recorded in the continuous mode and the alarm mode. For example, the user may decide to record only one image per second in the continuous mode but, in case of alarm (e.g. motion detection), he can record the event, including the pre-alarm, at 25 frames per second. This feature allows a considerable reduction of storage space used for video recordings.

Recording Storage

using dedicated filesystem capable of addressing up to 256 Terabyte.

Delta® Video Compression

specially designed by SYACTB for CCTV applications, preserving maximum image detail while minimizing storage requirements (ideal for use with 600/700 TVL cameras).

Remote Management

of video, cameras and configuration over LAN and low bandwidth networks from multiple web browser / CMS workstations.

Mobile App

for iPhone / iPad / Android.

H.264 Video Encoding

for IP cameras.

Intuitive And User-Friendly Interface

common to all the models. The new Full-HD User Interface is in line with the current needs of ergonomic design offering a better user experience. The Full-HD (1080p) resolution support and the 16:9 aspect-ratio allow optimal viewing on today’s professional monitors that operate at this resolution. Through the Dual monitor output in Full-HD resolution, DigiEye allows to view two IP megapixel cameras in the optimal resolution with the highest level of quality and details.

Dual Lan Management

for increased security, performance and fault-tolerance.

Unbeatable IP Dual Streaming

The DigiEye IP Dual Streaming allows the simultaneous management of two video streams with resolution/bitrate differentiated for each configured IP camera. This dual management of IP camera video connections allows to optimize the effective use of resources: the system can indeed use the Primary stream in high resolution to record while the video analysis, display and video transmission functionalities are operating on the Secondary lower resolution stream with a better quality and a greater level of detail compared to the previous versions. In addition, thanks to newly introduced optimizations, the display of the local video offers much higher performance levels as well.

Unique and Proprietary Streamflex Technology

DigiEye can stream live video using original camera resolution; however, when the user needs to transmit megapixel video over low-bandwidth networks, the DigiEye StreamFlex transcode feature allows to select different video resolution/quality/framerate for each video connection, resulting in smooth flawless video playback under any condition, without affecting recorded video quality.

Onvif Compliant

With nearly 5,000 IP-based physical security products registered as ONVIF compliant and more than 500 member companies, ONVIF is the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products. By becoming member of the ONVIF forum, SYACTB committed itself to ensure interoperability and to facilitate the integration of its IP-based physical security products.

Digital Signage Hd

The DigiEye Digital Signage allows to show informative and promotional messages on the auxiliary monitors connected to the DigiEye systems, add titling and information updated in real time (crawl) and send out specific messages in case of emergency situations.

Vca For Business And Security Intelligence

The DigiEye VCA options are Video Analysis modules for Business and Security Intelligence that allow to respond in a targeted manner to specific needs for security and statistics, can be activated on both analog and IP DigiEye video inputs, and do not require any additional hardware besides DigiEye.

The DigiEye VCA Business Intelligence features - People Counting and Heatmap - that have been primarily designed for surveillance in vertical applications such as retail and public places, go well beyond mere video security: they, indeed, provide Business Intelligent elements useful to management and marketing for decision-making and optimizations (such as counting of visitors in retail places, museums, exhibitions or events, gathering of data on flows of people in order to measure performances of marketing campaigns, to be aware of the most transited areas of a shop or public place, to optimize the space layout and staff turnovers, ...).

The DigIEye VCA features for Security Intelligence features - Line Crossing, Sterile Zone, Loitering, Abandoned/Removed Object - allow to set virtual sensors able to detect suspicious situations, which will generate an alarm and alert the operator.