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DigiEye allows easy yet powerful integration with other proprietary security technologies. Some of the most requested integration developments include:


DigiEye RADIUS Account Manager is a sophisticated authentication and user right ma¬nagement system over a TCP/IP network, which allows to manage the following access levels: individual rights for each user, individual rights for each site, individual rights (single user) for multiple sites, common rights (multiple user) for each site, common rights (multiple user) for multiple sites.

Proper RADIATOR software license required.


The DigiEye video recorders are able to interface with ATM terminals via TCP/IP network to detect suspicious activity nearby an ATM terminal connected to a DigiEye, as well as anomalies and/or malfunctioning of the ATM terminal, and transmit them to the Control Centre for their management.

Proper ATM Multivendor software license required.



The DigiEye Integration Software Development Kit (SDK) makes possible the integration with other software.

It allows DigiEye’s and remote applications to communicate through network connections and serial lines. Standard protocols as TCP, UDP and SNMP are supported for communication over IP networks.


The DigiEye Guard is a telepresence system based on surveillance performed by “Virtual Guards”. All the remote sites are connected to an operative center where a “staff of Guards” manage the remote multimedia DigiEye Guard sites. The image of the Guard, who is responsible for the oversight of a number of peripheral sites, is digitally transmitted through the local monitors.