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SYACTB Brain is a supervision solution at 360 degrees. It is an all-in-one management and supervision solution able to control and manage all the security and other systems from a single user interface.

The architecture of the SYACTB Brain solution provides a server control unit connected in a network to one or more field devices (hardware concentrators) dedicated to interfacing and normalizing all the existing subsystems related to video security but also to anti-intrusion, fire, access control and building automation.

The hardware concentrator on one hand acts as a “programmable controller” which, equipped with digital I/O and a number of communication ports, allows the remote peripheral devices to interface in a simple, fast and reliable way; on the other hand, the hardware concentrator normalizes all the data evenly and communicates them via IP networks to the server enabling the SYACTB Brain to control and manage the entire system. This kind of architecture foresees the expandability through supplementary modules, as well as the possibility of custom integrations in case of non-standard interfacing requirements. For this reason, the SYACTB Brain solution is suitable for both small stand alone installations and big geographically distributed applications.