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“We are aware that no innovation is productive unless it is reliable, easy-to-use and provides seamless compatibility with current assets. Our constant efforts to anticipate customers needs allow to improve quality and reduce costs, offering the best products and applying the best technologies.”


“Our proprietary know-how is strategic to be successful. The full control of the hardware and software allows SYACTB to offer intergeneration compatibility and maximum upgrading with full preservation of previous investments.”

Italy Sales Manager

“Customer Care and Technical Support are key to our success. We provide phone, on-line and on-field support. We help in engineering and developing customized and integrated solutions. We also provide comprehensive training for new and existing clients and partners.”

Customer Care

“Our success begins with the talents, experiences and perspectives of our team. We understand both the commercial and technical needs of our clients and can speak to them in their own language. That’s the power of SYACTB.”

International Sales Manager

“We rely on worldwide branch offices and a network of experienced partners who provide pre and post-sales support. Our customers and partners are high profile companies. They chose us because we are committed to develop customized easy-to-use, high-performance solutions able to satisfy their complex security needs.”

Fabio Malagoli, CEO